"Athens - The Truth: Searching for Manos, Just Before the Bubble Burst" Printed Book, Kindle, & Smashwords editions

"A Westerner finding Athens warm and welcoming in December of 2009 - as startling reports emerge of the Greek debt crisis - makes for a story worth retelling... the book is a thought-provoking, well-paced account ... Years spent living in the Middle East give Cade a unique perspective". --- Ekathimerini newspaper (Athens, Greece).

"The author's ability to dredge up odd historical curiosa will impress even veteran visitors to the city... Comprehensive detours into the stories of famous Greek musicians and artists are equally intriguing." --- Neos Kosmos newspaper (Melbourne, Australia).

"I was immediately arrested by his 20-page introduction wherein he explains his fascination with all things Greek and offers readers a comprehensive, liberal, up-to-date, and entertaining view of the capital of Modern Greece." --- Beatties Book Blog (Auckland, New Zealand).

"The author has done extensive research and is accurate in most things described. He tries not to deliver a superficial touristic guide of the city, but to investigate into the real life of Athens and also Greece in general." --- "Critic", AmazonUK, December 2013.

"This is an excellent, charming and at the same time highly useful and informative book on current day Athens. It is in part a personal journey, in which the author finally answers a forty year long siren's call to the land of 'Rembetiko', and in part it is a discerning and up-to-date travelogue and guide in which the author introduces us to countless Athenian gems (such as the little known but delightful 'Hamam Abid Efendi' museum) & delicious experiences he has whilst exploring this ancient iconic city and meeting some of its many charismatic people. And all is recounted in a highly readable and instructive manner, with comprehensive indexing, extensive and fascinating historical and geopolitical data as well as linguistic referencing throughout (at first mildly disconcerting but ultimately useful). And though not shy from making the odd controversial, at times critical and thought-provoking statement, the overwhelming love he obviously has of the city, for its people and above all its music shines through on every page. A perfect companion to your Athens travel guide; I highly recommend this book." --- "Olinguito", AmazonUK, September 2013.

"I find this book excellent! The author really makes the reader yearn for Athens. The balance between historical background, personal experience and the description of what he saw in Athens is just right. I was out on the ocean, sailing, and took two books with me, this one and one by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. In the end I mostly read the one about Athens!" --- "Mr. Mattloffsky", AmazonUK, October 2013.

"This is very well written and researched book on modern Greece, the author who has had a long love affair with Greece and in particular Greek music has really done his research. The end result is an informative, yet thought provoking read. For those who have never been to Athens, but spent time on a Greek island, and would like to know more about Greece and its current problems, this is an essential buy." --- S. P. Theodosiou, AmazonUK, December 2013.

"I just loved this book. It is obvious that the author has transferred his true feeling of Athens, after experiencing every aspect of this city's life. I would strongly recommend this to any Greek reader, to discover what a foreigner that truly loves Greece has to say about Athens, and to all non-Greeks that could finally see what is true and what is a myth about Greece and especially Athens." --- Aggelos Savvalas, AmazonUK, February 2014.

"I am a regular traveler, so reading books about capital cities and cultural oddities is quite normal for me. However, there is usually a choice made by an author, either to have a book be informational, historical, tourist-y, etc. It is difficult to explain the economic and social constructs that have been broken down in recent years, resulting in the modern day Athens you may see, while simultaneously explaining the political history of the nation and outlining the most important areas to see in terms of political history, all without sounding like a cheesy guidebook or a boring lecturer in an auditorium. That ability to blend his knowledge with practical applications for travelers or info-hounds alike is what made the book so good. He is clearly a passionate traveler and someone who knows how to "see". He keeps his eyes opens, draws connections, makes inferences, does his due diligence, and then creates a story that is relevant, packed with data, and historically/socially conscious. I have been to Athens, and seeing that city through Cade's eyes was remarkable. I want to go back and see if I can even get close to his experience of that wonderful place. A fascinating read for anyone, whether you backpack the globe or haven't ever left your county - it's a book about how the world has changed, a concept that everyone can understand." --- "Veritas Vincit", AmazonUSA, December 2013.

"An effective hybrid of travelogue, narrative, and historical text, David Cade's 'Athens - The Truth' is a love letter to that famous and storied Greek city. Visiting after decades of dreaming about the trip, the author takes us on journey through the modern city, which necessarily includes an exploration of its colorful past. Make no mistake, though... it might read like a novel, but this book is filled with well-researched facts lovingly presented by someone who waited a lifetime to experience his adventure. Whether you've visited Athens or not, you'll enjoy Mr. Cade's recollections." --- Zachary Harshaw, Amazon USA, December 2013.

"I have always been fascinated by Greece, specifically Athens, but have never had the pleasure of travelling there. David Cade has convinced me with his robust depictions that I must make the time and room in my life for such an exploration. The voice and tone of the book is so unique because it's not like the usual travel guide per se. Although it's a work of non-fiction, it often has the feel of a novel, but one that takes you so thoroughly through Athens that you may feel like you don't even need the usual guidebook! These first hand perspectives and narratives are so beautiful that you will just completely fall in love with the culture, the street's, and the people of Athens. This is a real journey, a look at the past and the history of this great place, but in language of today and relations that are contemporary. I'm very impressed with this book, I love history in general and this turned out to be a real education and a joy." --- Jay Mittener, Amazon USA, December 2013.

"I absolutely loved this book! I couldn't put it down and really didn't want it to end. I really loved the way it was structured and how it seamlessly intertwined the author's amazing story and uplifting experiences with Greece's history and culture, putting it all into today's context. Absolutely addictive! The author has brilliantly captured and understood the heart, mind and soul of not only the Athenians but also of Greeks both in Greece and the diaspora. As I said earlier I've waited for a book like this for 20 years! Thank you!" --- "Maria O", Amazon USA, October 2013.

"David Cade has done exceptional work in creating this book. Set out in the first person, and sometimes feeling almost like a novel, his chapters take you through much of the history of modern Greece. I've learned so much from this book, it has been unbelievable. If you're someone interested in Greece or even researching the history of Greece (both its past and modern history) you're likely to benefit greatly from this work. "Athens - The Truth" represents a 50-year journey on the part of the author and it's packed with information. I highly recommend it." --- Crystal Lanham, Amazon USA, December 2013.

"The Unnameable" CD Audiobook

"These classic Lovecraft tales, elegantly eerie, hypnotic and unsettling, are perfectly rendered here, in a manner that would have thrilled Lovecraft." --- Joyce Carol Oates, novelist, and Roger S. Berlind Distinguished Professor of the Humanities, Princeton University, New Jersey, December 2005.

"The Unnameable - Four Tales by H. P. Lovecraft" is a superlative reading of some of Lovecraft's most intriguing shorter tales. Mr Cade's recitals bring out new beauties and terrors in the text that a silent reading could never possibly do, and make one realise that Lovecraft intended his tales to be read aloud. Roberto Barzini's musical accompaniment subtly and sensitively augments the effectiveness of Mr Cade's readings." --- S.T. Joshi, Seattle, January 2006. Foremost authority on H.P. Lovecraft; recipient of the International Horror Guild Award 1997, the British Fantasy Award 1997; and author of "H. P. Lovecraft - A Life" (1996), and "A Subtler Magick: The Writings and Philosophy of H. P. Lovecraft" (1995).

"As someone who has written about Lovecraft and teaches his work at university level, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to discover such quality readings of his stories. I previously purchased the earlier incarnation of this CD, and found it to be excellent, but I am glad I bought this new expanded and updated version as well. David Cade's masterful, evocative reading, paired with Roberto Barzini's atmospheric music, makes this a 'must own' work for those who appreciate Lovecraft's storytelling. I will recommend this wholeheartedly to others and look forward to additional recordings from David Cade!" --- Amy H. Sturgis, Ph.D. Belmont University, Tennessee. June 2006. Lecturer in science fiction/fantasy, media, & Native American studies; her writing has appeared in Revolution Science Fiction, Seventeenth Century, The LockeSmith Review, Reason, Mythlore, Winedark Sea, Parma Nölé, & CSL; appointed "Scholarly Guest of Honor" for the international "Gathering of the Fellowship Celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien", 2003.

"Macabre, phantasmagoric, surreal, enigmatic, disturbing, unsettling, bizarre, grotesque, dystopian, eerie, haunting, evanescent, even insane, are all words that rushed through my mind as I listened to Four Tales by H.P. Lovecraft, read by David Cade, with music composed by Roberto Barzini. For the reading of this CD, actor David Cade brings a conductor's persona to the telling of these tales. They are treated like atmospheric tone poems. Cade's voice itself becomes an instrument that creates a glissando over alliterative phrases, coming to a crescendo on certain words after building momentum. His voice and the music become a pas de deux of sound, a forceful duet hurling the listener through Lovecraft's narratives." --- David Faucheaux MLIS, Reviewer for "Necropsy", Louisiana State University, May 2006.

"Listening to Cade's voice is always a pleasure. Again, in this CD, the atmosphere of Lovecraft is rendered well by his quiet but firm tone and vocal subtlety. Interest does not wane and one's desire to listen only increases. Added to this, Roberto Barzini's musical settings support and enhance the tales' oneiric qualities." --- Giuseppe Miccichè, Lovecraft Collector, Italy. March 2006.

"The Unnameable: Four Tales by H. P. Lovecraft" is a singular accomplishment in the realm of audio entertainment and a fitting tribute to an author so many of us love. Tales of Orpheus has delivered a CD that should be on every Lovecraftian's shelf. It is very satisfying to see great talents in drama and music brought together to showcase Lovecraft's own great talent with the written word. It is obviously a work that flows from a passion for H.P. Lovecraft's stories. David Cade's sterling narration delivers the experience that audiobook listeners are always looking for, that is transportation. It is hard to pick a favorite spot on the 76 minute excursion. The horrors hidden in a book? The terrors known only to a mute musician? The dread secrets that cats keep? The abomination that is quite simply . . . unnameable? And just to make sure we don't escape too soon, the stories are given extra punch by the wonderful, and appropriate, Roberto Barzini musical compositions. Of the Lovecraft audios currently available, this one showcases the best use of musical accompaniment that I have heard. A class act! The journey ends far too soon!" --- James Tucker, Pensacola, Florida. March, 2006.

"David loves his craft of reading Lovecraft, with an almost musical Cadence! He reads with a singular intensity and eloquence, paralleling the author's, and sometimes as if dynamically skipping another dimension and so making one wonder . . . is he channelling H.P. Lovecraft ?" --- Peter Sharp, Hackham, South Australia. June 2006.

"'The Unnameable - Four Tales by H.P. Lovecraft' is wonderful. I expected to be able to continue working at my desk but by the end of the first track, 'The Book', I had stopped and devoted all my attention to the readings. I have been a collector and reader of the works of HPL for many years and have enjoyed many recordings of this writer's work, but David Cade's extraordinary sensitivity to the source material sets this recording apart from the others. This is Lovecraft as he should be presented! The music by Roberto Barzini complements the performances perfectly." --- Edward Gobbett, Lanham, Maryland. January, 2006.

"This CD is packed to the edge with just under 80 minutes of superb Lovecraft. Each story is brought to life with an evocative performance from both actor and musicians. I can't recommend this labor of love too highly to anyone who appreciates HPL." --- James Perlman, Capetown, South Africa. November, 2005.

"Very engrossing. David Cade gives a wonderful performance of each of these exceptional stories. I have to say that 'The Cats of Ulthar' is a delight - even though that may seem an inappropriate thing to say of a horror story!" --- Mary Barker, Bath, England. November, 2005.

"The first CD was great, but this is even better! I love the way each story is framed by its own special music so that each tale has its own separate world, its own unique identity. More please! And, please don't let it be another two years!" --- Eugene Delaney, San Jose, California, November 2005.

"Cade is effective at bringing the mostly expository prose to gruesome life and all four stories are framed by musical excerpts that are very well matched to the thematic material." --- Jesse Willis,, USA. December 2005.

"The title piece - The Unnameable - is by far the most atmospheric, the reading more than doing the story justice. The performances are as good on the preceding three tales but, in spite of their being only 'short stories', I found I wanted them to go on for much longer! Mr. Cade seems to enjoy himself and I love the way that Lovecraft's weird, overblown, but strangely perfect language always has the power to frighten - even when he may have his tongue in his cheek!" --- Robert Peaker, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. April 2006.

"Cade could read aloud an unabridged dictionary and make it gripping. Through his voice he makes the listener imagine the unimaginable. He could do wonders with Stephen King or James Herbert." --- EJ Stephenson, Philadelphia. February, 2006.

"Ever since discovering Lovecraft I felt that his stories would be best suited to being read to me rather than by me. Dave Cade's theatrical performance on these recordings suits the material perfectly, bringing to life the sinister worlds of Lovecraft. He clearly enjoys it as much as we do." --- James Newcombe, Southampton, England. December, 2005.

"These renditions prove Lovecraft was more than just a master of written horror. His horror is sublimely poetic. He was a master of painting pictures of fearful situations with the exquisite and carefully chosen word. This production is full of this poeticism and along with the music it makes it one to listen to over and over again - and it's not often you can say that about a talking-book." --- Michelle McSweeney, Montreal, Canada. November, 2005.

"The Masque of the Red Death" CD Audiobook

"These are remarkable CDs, providing high---energy performances of some classic Poe works that will delight any fan of the Gothic. I'm looking forward to more." --- Jack G Voller, Ph.D., Professor of English, Southern Illinois University, December 2006.Author of "The Supernatural Sublime: The Metaphysics of Terror in Anglo-American Romanticism", 1994; Co-Author of "Gothic Writers: A Critical and Bibliographical Guide", 2001; and Editor of "The Veiled Picture" by Ann Radcliffe (Valancourt Books, 2006).

"David Cade has here chosen two of Poe's most psychologically suggestive tales and his sensitive reading accentuates the suspense and fear which Poe built into them." --- Scott Peeples Ph.D., Associate Professor, College of Charleston, October 2006. President of The Poe Studies Association, and Author of "The Afterlife of Edgar Allan Poe" (Camden House, 2003), and "Edgar Allan Poe Revisited" (Twayne Publishers Incorporated, 1998).

"I was impressed with virtually every aspect of Three Tales of Horror by Edgar Allan Poe [2 Audio CDs: 50X2-2 & 50X2-3] . . . I can without reservation state that listeners who buy this set will be treated to a very professional work. The music works well to set atmosphere, without being distracting, and the sound quality is excellent (which is not a given, by the way; there are some production "dogs" out there). Cade also avoids the overuse of distracting sound effects. While effects (knocking, etc.) certainly do add to a performance, too many of them simply get in the way. Kudos to Cade for that as well . . . I look forward to Cade's continuance of this series." --- Tony Fonseca, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, Louisiana, February 2007.Co-Author of "Read On...Horror Fiction" (2006), Co---Author of "Hooked on Horror - A Guide to Reading Interests in Horror Fiction" (2003).

"I recommend this CD for the outrageous originality of the third track alone! As a child, teacher after teacher had us compare and contrast the verses of 'The Bells'. But Cade interprets them all as being part of one hideous conspiracy of jingling, jangling, tinkling things! And it works brilliantly! So, sorry, Miss. Jones, you were wrong! For fellow---teachers who dare to introduce a touch of the rebellious into the classroom - and let's remember Poe WAS dark and anything but SAFE - I heartily recommend this recording. (The second track, 'The Black Cat', on the other hand, should put a lump in your students' throats and bring a tear to their eyes!)" --- Alex Blackmon, Central New Jersey, USA. January, 2008.

"The Tell-Tale Heart" CD Audiobook

"I am pleased to be able to recommend this disc to Poe enthusiasts. The music is hypnotic and David Cade's voice is realistic and mesmerizing - an enchanting, fully absorbing immersion in the experience of reading, or listening to Poe! I greatly prefer this to the Basil Rathbone version." --- Professor James Hutchison Ph.D, The Citadel, South Carolina, October 2006. Author of "Poe" (University Press of Mississippi, 2005) & "The Rise of Sinclair Lewis, 1920- 1930" (Penn State University Press, 1996).

"David Cade's performances are nuanced and masterful, investing these tales and poems with a dread and drama that surely Poe would have loved." --- Jack G Voller, Ph.D., Professor of English, Southern Illinois University, December 2006.Author of "The Supernatural Sublime: The Metaphysics of Terror in Anglo-American Romanticism", 1994; Co-Author of "Gothic Writers: A Critical and Bibliographical Guide", 2001; and Editor of "The Veiled Picture" by Ann Radcliffe (Valancourt Books, 2006).

"Having read Poe's major works repeatedly and in depth over the years and heard most of the narrators (Basil Rathbone, Vincent Price etc.) I feel that David Cade is closer to recreating the atmosphere that Poe wanted. This is due not only to the fact that his voice is appropriate for the task, but also that a greater feeling and sincerity seems to emanate from the narrator, making the listener not only hear, but also participate in the story or poem narrated. A masterful rendition!" --- Haris Stavrakis, Nicosia, Cyprus. April 2007.

"This Audiobook CD from Tales of Orpheus is a great addition to my teaching toolbox. It has helped these stories come alive for my students. They walked around the rest of the day speaking with an English accent and reciting parts of The Tell-Tale Heart. I also shared the recording with other teachers - and it was a hit! Thanks so much." --- Susan Palchesko, 8th Grade Language Arts, Nordonia Middle School, Ohio. October 2007.

"Three Horrifying Tales"

Below are some reviews of the initial (2002) release that was fully revised and re-issued in November 2005 as "The Unnameable", re-recording having been necessitated by a copyright limitation on the incidental music featured in the initial release.

"I have very much enjoyed David Cade's "Three Horrifying Tales". He has a superb reading voice and the quality of this recording is impeccable." --- S.T. Joshi, Seattle, June 2003. Foremost authority on H.P. Lovecraft; recipient of the International Horror Guild Award 1997, the British Fantasy Award 1997; and author of "H. P. Lovecraft - A Life" (1996), and "A Subtler Magick: The Writings and Philosophy of H. P. Lovecraft" (1995).

"Simply stunning. A class act and a 'must-have' for any Lovecraft collector. The quality really is wonderful." --- Dr. Amy Sturgis, Lebanon, Tennessee. November, 2003.

"Cade's voice has a tone and timbre that work well for audio narration. Well-spoken, his mild British accent lends the perfect aural patina of 'age' to Lovecraft's stories and characters, allowing the listener to more easily place the stories in the gothic and super-antiquated settings so prevalent in the author's works. The accent also helps to imbue the characters with their scholarly and academic backgrounds . . . Cade captures the tension, terror and mystique in the plots, and his personality never overshadows the stories themselves . . . By the end of the first story, I was pleased to find myself tense and anxious. By the end of the disc, I found myself wanting to hear more." --- Stine Fletcher, Reviewer for "Necropsy", Louisiana State University, June 2004.

"What we have here is an excellent reading of one of Lovecraft's masterpieces, 'The Music of Erich Zann', and of two of his lesser works, 'The Cats of Ulthar' and 'The Unnameable'. Lovecraft's literary output does not fare well with today's popular culture: we are surrounded by poor cinematic, musical, audio, and artistic representations of his beloved tales. It is very rare that a product of high quality which has been inspired by Lovecraft emerges from darkness to light. But this CD is such an item. And to make the listening experience even more profound, each masterful performance begins and ends with a musical excerpt from Alfred Schnittke. This is how Lovecraft's work should be treated! The whole production is a labor of love. Highly recommended!" --- Robert Badelek, Waterloo, Canada. January 2004.

"The quality this CD offers is impeccable. Lovecraft himself would nod his head with approval, as will the strict connoisseur of all that is Lovecraftian." --- James Fowlston, Washoe Valley, Nevada. November, 2003.

"This is horror with class! No cheap thrills, no silly sound effects: but a masterful and gripping telling of Lovecraft's extraordinary stories. David Cade's performance gets right under HPL's skin and outdoes all the other recordings of Lovecraft." --- Daniel McKinnon, Dublin, Ireland. December, 2003.

"David Cade's superlative rendition of 'Three Horrifying Tales' is complemented by Alfred Schnittke's musical score and a technically perfect recording. As a great Anglophile, Lovecraft would have been honored to hear these three stories so convincingly delivered by a British voice. Somewhere HP Lovecraft is smiling!" --- Michael Fontes, Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. September 2003.

"[The] production values of . . . far exceeded my expectations. . . [and] of the stories themselves and David's interpretation of them? In short: they are perfect. I can imagine no clearer, well---constructed adaptations of these stories, . . . care and a passionate attention to detail. . . I can only hope that David finds the time to produce more Horrifying Tales on audio CD." --- Robbie Corbett, Weymouth, Dorset, England. September, 2003.

"Being a passionate collector of all things Lovecraft, I consider the creative input and high production qualities of 'Three Horrifying Tales' featuring David Cade, to be impressive. The three readings have been excellently chosen - particularly, for me, the final reading, 'The Unnameable.' This audio-CD offers distinct and concise readings, without any excessive emphasis, and is read with a classical English accent which blends well with a superb choice of background music by Alfred Schnitke. This is a CD to enjoy more than once." --- Giuseppe Miccichè, Italy, July 2003. International collector of Lovecraft.

"The clear recording matched with David Cade's clear, well-spoken voice and unlaboured reading, free from the distractions of ill-chosen and intrusive background music and sound-effects, means that not a word of these 'Three Horrifying Tales' is missed or obscured. David Cade's voice is well suited to portraying Lovecraft's work and his rendering of the tales brings out aspects of the stories that may not be immediately obvious when reading them in print. The last reading in particular is a true gem, being a masterful telling, suffusing the tale with vibrant, shocking life." --- Tim Burney, Cramlington, Northumberland, UK. September 2003.

"I was introduced to HPL at a young age, and have many fond memories of being scared stiff late at night as I read under the covers. I was a little unsure as to how I would enjoy these readings as I have always relied on myself to interpret the pace, style of the writing, but I am glad to say that I was not disappointed by the result. The readings are of a very high standard, achieving just the right balance of suspense and detachment which is HPL's trademark style. The music is a wonderful and very effective addition to the readings. I am a music teacher and appreciate hearing Schnittke in this unusual context." --- Euan Gow, Dundee, Scotland. December, 2003.

"I have to say I enjoyed this disc. It's an accomplished performance: David Cade's narration is self-assured and flawless, communicating well the strong narrative element of Lovecraft's fiction." --- Brian Lavelle, East Lothian, Scotland. August, 2003.

"Count me as a very satisfied purchaser of this CD. I enjoyed it very much - including the "Cats of Ulthar", which used to be one of my least favourite Lovecraft stories! The music is good and it is a well-crafted production." --- Stuart Pe-Win, Edinburgh, Scotland. October, 2003.

"I've only ever heard a handful of spoken word adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft's work, and they have varied greatly in quality. However, David Cade's interpretations of these three Lovecraft short stories are just outstanding. He manages to capture the author's odd rhythms and idiosyncratic tone perfectly. These three stories showcase just how good the format can be: easily as good as David McCallum's 'The Haunter of the Dark' or 'The Rats in the Walls' or John Arthur's version of 'The Fungi from Yuggoth'. I can highly recommend this recording, and I hope others will be available soon." --- Andrew King, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England. August, 2003.

"I listened to 'The Music of Erich Zann' for the first time last night (with the lights dimmed, of course) and thought it a great reading. And more, please, of that haunting music in further recordings!" --- Robert Duckworth, London, UK. April, 2004.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this fine collection of Lovecraft's tales. David Cade captures excellently the atmosphere and dread that permeates these tales." --- Rick Tillman, Seattle, Washington. November, 2003.

"What a great find. It certainly comes off as a labor of love. Mr. Cade does a wonderful job, adding just the right amount of liveliness and emotion, with a true sense of dramatic silence. He also has a true ear for the rhythm in Lovecraft's writing style. This is a CD you'll really enjoy." --- Robert Cappelletto, Chicago. August, 2003.